Secession Era Editorials Project

Furman University Department of History


Editorial Transcription Rules

Each editorial was duplicated from microfilm or bound volumes onto paper or into a digital image. Editorials were then transcribed word for word into the collection, using the TEIlite markup scheme. Each document has been proofed against the original. Where possible the transcription and proofing were completed by two different people or by the same individual working on two different occasions. Proofing followed the reverse order correction method, where correction comparisons proceed from the last word of the document to the first.

All words that were hyphenated for strictly typographical reasons in the original had the hypens removed and were returned to their regular state. Obvious typographical errors in the original have been corrected, with the original spelling preserved inside an attribute tag in the markup. Ampersands have been preserved. Capitalization and punctuation match those in the original documents.