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The Rules of Ossawatamie.

Austin, Texas, Texas Daily Gazette [Democratic]

(3 December 1859)

The Independence Mo., Messenger--a paper of great candor and liberality of views --corrects, with much emphasis of statement, a one-sided account of the battle of Ossawatamie, that lately appeared in the New York Tribune, is which at is asserted that "Old Brown," with 30 men, defeated and put to route 300 Missourians, with a loss to the Missourians, of 60 or 70, and a loss to Brown's party of only 21. The Messenger gives the following statement:

Not a single Missourian was killed in the fight at Ossawatamie, and only two were wounded--Larry Boyce in his hand, and a resident of Fayette county, in the neck, both of whom recovered from their injuries speedily. The Missourians, under command of Captain Reid, were in the open prairie, while the abolitionists, under the direction of "Old John Brown", were posted in the timber. At the immense disadvantage, which every one conversant with the Plains well knows, the Missouri boys drove the cunning forces of Brown and his associates across the Marais des Cygnes, and if they had followed up, as they should have done, the victory -- we should have heard nothing of Old Brown at this late day, in connection with a servile insurrection at Harper's Ferry.

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