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A Singular Enterprise.--

Frankfort, Kentucky, Commonwealth [Opposition]

(21 November 1859)

The greed of money-getting is not very particular in the way of accomplishing its purposes but the most singular instance we have lately heard of, is an effort to turn the execution of Ossawattomie Brown and his fellow conspirators to account, by getting up a monster excursion, from all parts of the country, of those who have a sufficiently morbid appetite for the horrible as to induce them to desire to be present. Mr. Simon Perham, not without notoriety as a showman, has conceived this happy idea, and recently addressed the President of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, inquiring as to the amount of reduction upon the regular rate of fare which would be conceded to his excursionists. Mr. Garrett, not thinking the occasion a proper one, or that the people who would travel hundreds of miles to see five or six criminals executed, exactly the class of visitors who would be agreeable to the Virginia authorities, has caused that opinion to be known to Mr. Perham.

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