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Frankfort, Kentucky, Commonwealth [Opposition]

(28 October 1859)

[Pointing Finger] The Harper's Ferry affair continues to attract more attention than all other matters combined, and we therefore yield most of our space to the telegraphic reports of the examining trial of Brown an his confederates. Brown exhibits a hardihood, a daring, and an obstinacy, in keeping with all the acts of the last few years of his life. We think this as much to be attributed to his desire for notoriety, and a wish to appear to the Abolitionists of the North as an unflinching martyr to the cause, as to his unusual nerve. To acquire such a reputation the old fanatic would, at any time, give his life. We are rejoiced at the seeming determination to give him and his associates a fair trial.-- Let no act of illegal violence interrupt the strict course of fair and impartial justice.

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