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The Execution of Brown.

Raleigh, North Carolina, Register [Opposition]

(9 December 1859)

We give to-day full accounts of the scenes attending the execution of the traitor, murderer, and thief, John Brown. He died, as he lived, a hardened criminal, and when the wretched confederates shall have paid the penalty of their crimes, we hope that their allies and sympathizers at the North will realize the fact that the South has the power to protect her soil and property, and will exercise it in spite of all the measures which can be levelled at her by the abolitionists and their aiders and abettors.

Much very silly ridicule has been aimed at Gov. Wise for assembling a large military force at Charlestown. He can very well afford to treat it with the contempt it deserves. Had he not assembled that force, an attempt to rescue Brown would have been made, blood would have been spilled, and in the end the Union would have been burst asunder. Gov. Wise lacks a great deal of being an especial favorite of ours, but believing that in the present emergency he has acted properly, we do not hesitate to say so.

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