Week 12 Schedule:
North America's Napoleonic Age

Monday (03/27)

Second Preliminary Exam

This examination will cover all material since the first preliminary exam, including the assigned Outline of U.S. History textbook subsections, all assigned scholarly articles, primary documents and biographies, and each chapter from the Clayton book on Las Casas, the Van der Donck New Netherland book, and Young's book on the Shoemaker and the Tea. You will be asked to examine at least one primary source and describe how you would go about understanding its content and placing it in historical context. Use the course themes and our working lists of top aspects in the period before 1800 to guide your studies. It will include short answer questions similar to the first exam, a primary document review, several two sentence response questions and at least one real world style application scenario.

Wednesday (03/29)

The War of 1812

Before class: From the Outline of U.S. History chapter on The Formation of the National Government, read the section on the War of 1812. You may optionally preview the video from the Canadian talk show The Agenda with Steve Palkin on the topic Who Really Won the War of 1812? with Dr. Bill Fowler, Northeastern U., Peter Macleod, Canadian War Museum, and Rick Hill, Tuscarora, Oral Historian and Chairperson, Six Nations Legacy Consortium, Six Nations Grand River Territory, Ontario.

Friday (03/31)

Mexico's Break with Spain, the Congress of Panama, the Monroe Doctrine and the Problem of North American Union

Your peer reviews are due via e-mail to your writers by class time today. Please e-mail another copy of your review to the instructor.

Before class: From the Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture's summary of IndoMexico: The Colonial Period, read the subsection near the end on "18th century Colonial Maturity." (You may find the other sections useful, too.) Read this account of Mexican Independence and especially the story of Hidalgo's Grito de Dolores at Texas A&M. If you have taken Spanish, read the text of the Grito de Independencia (1810) at biblioteca.tv. Read this account of Spain's Constitution of 1812 and this brief summary of the Plan of Iguala, 1821 from the Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture. From the Outline of U.S. History chapter on The Formation of the National Government, read the section on the Latin America and the Monroe Doctrine. Read the account of the Congress of Panama, 1826

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