Week 12 Schedule:
Early National Foundations

Monday (03/30)

War and Governance, 1775-1791

Before class: Read Guarneri, America in the World, pp. 103-107. From the Outline of U.S. History chapter on The Road to Independence, read sections 10-14. From the chapter on The Formation of a National Government read sections 1-6. Read the brief summary of British Florida from the Short History of Florida. You may optionally examine the West Point Atlas's map of the Principal Campaigns of the American Revolution.
From Founders Online and the National Archives, read the following documnets

  1. George Washington, A War of Posts, Sept. 1776
  2. George Washington to Samuel Washington, The Perplexity of My Situation, Dec. 1776
  3. George Washington, Against an Attack on Canada, Nov. 1778
  4. George Washington to John Laurens, The State of American Affairs, Jan. 1781
  5. Washington's Farewell to the Army, Nov. 1783
  6. Washington's Farewell Address to the People, Sept. 1796
  7. Thomas Jefferson to Edmund Pendleton, On the Virginia Constitution, Aug. 1776
  8. Thomas Jefferson, A Bill to Establish Religious Freedom, 1779
  9. James Madison to Thomas Jefferson, The New Constitution, Oct. 1787
  10. Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, On the New U.S. Constitution, Dec. 1787
  11. Abigail Adams to John Adams, Remember the Ladies, March 1776
  12. John Adams to Abigail Adams, Reply to "Remember the Ladies," April 1776
  13. John Adams to Abigail Adams, Virtues and Vices in the People, July 1776
  14. John Adams to Benjamin Rush, An Asylum against Discord, June 1789
Read the essays on Loyalists and Black Loyalists from the Canadian Encyclopedia. Read the biographies of Fleury Mesplet, Thayendanega, or Joseph Brant, and Guy Carleton from the Dictionary of Canadian Biography.

A summary of the Wikipedia article on Battles of Lexington and Concord will be posted by Susan Moon. A summary of the Wikipedia article on Siege of Yorktown, 1781 will be posted by Nate Morse. A summary of the Wikipedia article on the Articles of Confederation will be posted by Matt Pantoja. A summary of the Wikipedia article on Canada's Constitutional Act of 1791. will be posted by PollyRose Philpot. A posting of reflections, connections, and short answer questions will be posted by Valentina Sanchez. These summaries and reflections will be posted to the course discussion forum. Please refer to the wiki and connections posting instructions before posting.

Wednesday (04/01)

Second Preliminary Exam

This examination will cover all material since the first preliminary exam, including the assigned Guarneri and Outline of U.S. History texts, scholarly articles, primary documents, and biographies, and each chapter from the Saunt, 1776 book. You will be responsible for the descriptive information posted in your summaries from the Wikipedia excercises but not the original encyclopedia entries.

It will be composed of a short answer section similar to the first exam (including some questions drawn from our top aspects quiz questions), a set of 1-2 sentence response questions focused on connections and significance, a two paragraph essay (choice of one out of two), and a short paragraph thoughtpiece essay. For more information and study suggestions see the exam suggestions and guidelines page.

Friday (04/03)

No Meeting: Easter

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