Week 13 Schedule:
The Civil War in Memoir and Memory

Monday (04/04)

Early this week: You should plan to devote at least 2 hours of independent work time to researching and rewriting your term paper.

Memoirs and Memories: The March from Atlanta to Savannah

Before class: From U.S. Grant, Personal Memoirs, read Chapter LIX: The Campaign in Georgia. Work through the "about" and "maps" sections of Sherman's March and America: Mapping Memory.

Before class: In the first part of your comment, reflect on Grant's argument and writing style. What was his interpretation of the decisions behind the march to the sea? What was his assessment of its conduct and consequences? At what points did he think the outcome of the campaign was most uncertain, and why? Next, select two or three sentences from the memoirs that seem especially interesting and talk about them from a writing style perspective. How do these reflect Grant's background and stake in the story? In the final part of your posting, reflect on some interesting ways that the medium of the web affects how we read and how we make historical arguments. Compare how Grant remembered the march to how the website "describes" the march and its memory. How does the web lead us to reprogram our habits of thought?

Members of the All Participants team will need to post to the course discussion forum.

Wednesday (04/06)

Question, Organization, and Conciseness: A Workshop

Before class: Review Williams, Style, lesson 7: "Motivation" and lesson 8: "Global Coherence," focusing especially on their "summing up" sections. Then read lesson 9: "Concision." Then post a copy of your revised paper, in whatever its current state, to the course Box workspace. You will work on applying the Williams lessons to your paper in class.

After class: Post a final game plan for rewriting your paper. List any changes to your research question and scope. Discuss possible organizational changes. List any new evidence you need to consult. List other changes you anticipate needing to make.

Members of the All participants team will need to post to the course discussion forum.

Friday (04/08)

Assessing Your Evidence: A Workshop

The class will meet in the Library resource room 041 today.
Before class: Read Booth, Craft of Research Chapter 8: :Assembling Reasons and Evidence" and Chapter 9: "Acknowledgments and Responses." Our session will be devoted to reviewing your paper for the quality of its evidence and exploring other possible sources for supporting your claims more strongly.

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