FYW: Civil War through the Lens of Biography

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Our seminar will meet according to the weekly schedules on the attached pages. So that you can get the most out of the lectures and class exercises you are expected to do the assigned reading for each day before class meets. As with all courses at Furman you should plan on spending at least two hours a day outside of our meetings on the readings and assignments for this class.

All electronic documents and on-line discussions can be reached by clicking the links on these web pages. You will need to participate in the in-class book discussions to receive appropriate recognition in your class participation grade.

Links to Weekly Schedule Pages:

Week One: The Lens of Biography
Week Two: Biographical Contexts
Week Three: Leaders and Moments of Destiny
Week Four: Finding Research Questions
Week Five: Competing Scholarly Viewpoints on the War Era
Week Six: Interpreting Primary Sources
Week Seven: Wartime Documents and Episodes
Week Eight: Biographical Visions of the War Era
Week Nine:Spring Break
Week Ten: The Personal Experience of War
Week Eleven: Visualizing the War Era
Week Twelve: Furman Engaged!
Week Thirteen: Interrogating and Reconstructing Biography
Week Fourteen: The Genius of Command
Week Fifteen: The Historiography of Genius
Week Sixteen: A Retrospective