The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Tricks and Traps of Documentary Analysis


1. OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Documentary Editions, and Related Issues

2. Text Analysis: Applications and Issues

Authorship: Mosteller and Wallace (1963-4) and statistical analysis of the Federalist Papers

Concordancing: Corpuseye KWIC, TACTWEB and Secession Era Editorials

Collocation and Phrase Analysis: Analysis of adjacent or proximate words, including the Phrases in English tool based on the British National Corpus, and the EDICT concgram Associated Word Search tool.

Grammatical Part of Speech Analysis:, including Lancaster/CLAWS, Connexor, and SVMtool.

Word Frequencies and Tag Clouds;, Tagxedo, and TurboLingo.

Affect and Category Wordnet and the General Inquirer

The concept of Semantic Primes.

Concept Geography: Secession Era Editorials and Google Trends.