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May 1864-January 1865 Interpretive Essay (Clear Group)
A. W. Foote to Thaddeus Stevens, 16 January 1864.
'A Little Broker' to Thaddeus Stevens, 22 January 1864.
Thaddeus Stevens to E. McPherson, 10 July 1864.
Johnathon B. Clark, Jr. to Thaddeus Stevens, 5 August 1864.

January 1865-November 1865 Interpretive Essay (Red Group)
Speech of Hon. Thaddeus Stevens, Monday, 10 April 1865
Letters to President Andrew Johnson, 16 May and 6 July, 1865
Speech of Hon. Thaddeus Stevens, 6 September 1865
J. I. Noah to Thaddeus Stevens, 26 November 1865

December 1865-March 1866 Interpretive Essay (Blue Group)
Reconstruction Speech of Hon. Thaddeus Stevens, of Pennsylvania Delivered in the House of Representatives, December 18, 1865.
Jas. S Brisbin to Thaddeus Stevens, 29 December 1865.
Gilleh F. Watson and J. M. Humphreys to Thaddeus Stevens, 5 December 1865.

March 1866-September 1866 Interpretive Essay (Green Group)
William Strather to Thaddeus Stevens, 28 April 1866.
Estwick Evans to Thaddeus Stevens, 24 August 1866.
Thaddeus Stevens to William D. Kelley, 6 Sept. 1866.
Thaddeus Stevens to John Gyger, 21 September 1866.

October 1866-February 1867 Interpretive Essay (Gold Group)
J.M. Boomall to Thaddeus Stevens, 9 October 1866.
Thaddeus Stevens to E. Billingfelt, 29 October 1866.
Allen T. Brinmade to Thaddeus Stevens, 9 January 1867.
John T. Kealy to Thaddeus Stevens, 21 January 1867.

February-October 1867 Interpretive Essay (Silver Group)
Speech Hon. Thaddeus Stevens of Pennsylvania to the House of Representatives, 19 March 1867.
Written notes by Thaddeus Stevens concerning the military government of the South, 2 April 1867.
Remarks of Hon. Thaddeus Stevens to the House of Representatives, 9 July 1867.

November 1867-April 1868 Interpretive Essay (Purple Group)
Alexander Campbell to Thaddeus Stevens, 15 November, 1867.
Published letter by Thaddeus Stevens, 6 January 1868.
Samuel Shock to Thaddeus Stevens, 3 February 1868.
Magnus C. Randall to Thaddeus Stevens, 6 March 1868.

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