Secession Era Editorials Project


Spartanburg, South Carolina, Spartan [Democratic]

(24 July 1856)

Messrs. Brooks and Keitt, Representatives on Congress from South Carolina, have resigned their seats in consequence of the arbitrary action of the House in endeavoring by a sectional vote to expel the former, and passing upon the latter severe censure for not betraying the counsels of his friend as to the assault upon Sumner. All the facts will be found in another section of our paper. The Carolina Times says that Governor Adams has designated the 28th instant as the day for holding elections to fill the vacancies.

Several of the papers of the State affect surprise at the course of our Representatives. We feel none. It is the usual resort, and is an appeal from the factionalism of Congress to the deliberation of constituents. If these gentlemen have been guilty of the heinous offences alleged against them, let the people approve or else disprove, the action of the House. In South Carolina, however, there is but one voice. These gallant gentlemen have done nothing justifying the action of the House, and their constituents will send them back strengthened to battle with the hosts of Black Republicanism and the enemies of the Union. No man dare oppose either and hope political life. The vote for re-election will be unanimous in each Congressional District, and would be in the State, were the choice dependent on the general ticket system. South Carolina never deserts the sons who battle in her defence.

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