Secession Era Editorials Project

The Abolitionists of the North Implicated in the Harper's Ferry Insurrection.

Cincinnati, Ohio, Enquirer [Democratic]

(20 October 59)

It will be seen from the telegraphic dispatches that the Northern Abolitionists are implicated and are at the bottom of the Harper's Ferry conspiracy. They raised large sums of money to carry it forward to a successful termination. GARRIT SMITH gave one hundred dollars, and FRED. DOUGLAS ten dollars. Doubtless other leading Abolitionists were concerned in it. A letter had been received from Cincinnati disclosing the whole plot, and warning the people against it before its consummation. It is very possible that GIDDINGS and the prominent Re- publicans of the Western reserve knew what was going on, if they were not active participants in it. A large number of SHARPE's rifles were found with the conspirators, probably sent on by the Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Society, and the BEECHERS and SILLIMANS of New England.

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