Secession Era Editorials Project


New York, Tribune [Whig]

(12 May 1854)

Our dispatches from Washington last night show that the contest has begun on that infamous measure. We rejoice to see the spirit and determination with which its opponents enter upon the task of strangling the monster. Let them but go on as they have begun, and they will secure the plaudits and fervent gratitude of millions. As to the hesitation of the Free Soil members to unite with the northern Whigs, as alleged by our correspondent, we cannot believe it. Mr. Gerrit Smith's peculiar mental idiosyncracies may prevent him from cooperating in necessary measures of opposition, but we cannot believe it of any man of hard sense in the House who really desires to defeat the scroundrel scheme. We beg to know why this measure should not be referred to THE PEOPLE! Are its authors afraid of this tribunal? To refer it to them is the object, and the sole object, of the minority in their present struggle. Why should it not be done? Answer us, ye who counsel admission to the unholy conspiracy against freedom by Douglas & Co.

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