Secession Era Editorials Project


New York, Tribune [Whig]

(24 January 1854)

Senator Douglas to-day reported a new bill, providing for the establishment of two Territories, giving the boundaries.

It is more specific touching the subject of Slavery The delivery of his speech is deferred.

Gen. Cass has introduced the case of Bedini, and made a speech of twenty minutes in his vindication. He eulogized the Nuncie. Mason, Butler, Dawson, Douglas, Everett, and Pettit, followed in the same style, denouncing violence. Mr. Weller defended the Germans of Cincinnati, eliciting applause from the galleries. Bedini was present.

DOUGLAS'S new bill has taken the best friends of the Administration by surprise. They knew nothing of the new move. The new bill in so many words, declares that the Compromise Act of 1850 renders inoperative the Missouri Compromise of 1820. Members from the free States say that their death warrant is signed if they vote for this bill, and many declare it a "Hard" movement to overwhelm the "Softs" and ruin the Administration. The Softs declare the bill cannot pass, and the Hards say it will pass triumphantly. Douglas is lauded by the Hards and anathematized by the Softs.

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