Secession Era Editorials Project

The Meeting To-Morrow Evening.

Albany, New York, Evening Journal [Republican]

(5 June 1856)

The Capital of the Empire State should give emphasis to her voice TO-MORROW EVENING. The assault upon Senator Sumner was a National outrage. It was a blow aimed at the fundamental principle of Constitutional Liberty. In cannot be too emphatically condemned. Every Citizen of every Party is equally interested in the independence and dignity of the Senate, and in the inalienable and vital right of Freedom of Debate. To tolerate or wink at a violation of that right, is to be false to the Constitution and to the Republic.

The names attached to the Call for this meeting are significant. They indicate unparalleled unanimity. Men of all Parties are found acting together, because men of al Parties feel alike the insult embodied in the outrage.

The names of the Speakers who have consented to address the meeting, equally with those which are attached to the Call, are significant. They embody men of all classes and professions, as well as of all Parties. The occasion will be one of deep interest. Let the Capitol Park be filled with earnest men, that the language uttered may be emphatic.

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