Secession Era Editorials Project

Half a Million Citizens Disfranchised.

Albany, New York, Evening Journal [Republican]

(10 March 1857)

Many things in the monstrous decision of the U.S. Supreme Court, shock the moral sense of the public. But the barbarism of the blow which annihilates the citizenship of all the Free colored people in the United States, has fallen with a stunning force on all who have been taught that justice is obligatory on man, and that Christianity is the social law of Humanity. The half million of men and women paralysed by the atheistic logic of the decision of the case of Dred Scott, which disfranchises them on the soil on which they were born, will be to all free and uncorrupted souls a complete denial of the bad law and worse conscience, with which the Supreme Court has pronounced its departure from Republicanism and its entrance into Slavery.

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