Secession Era Editorials Project


Raleigh, North Carolina, Register [Whig]

(15 April 1854)

The result of the recent State Elections in Connecticut and Rhode Island seems to have alarmed and perturbed the Editor of the "Standard" no little. He sees in it the "handwriting on the wall," -- the consignment of the present Administration to that fate which its imbecility and corruption so richly deserve.

If, as the "Standard" alleges, the Whig triumphs in the States mentioned be "abolition victories," a very large portion of the Northern locofocos are entitled to a share of its anathemas, inasmuch as enough of them have been found ready to coalesce with the Whigs to enable them to carry the day. But while the "Standard" attributes the defeat of its party to the Nebraska Bill, the "Washington Sentinel" indignantly and very justly denies that that measure was made a test question. So, these respective mouth-pieces of locofocoism may take either horn of the dilemma, and they will find it difficult to furnish any satisfactory explanation of the want of harmony among the "harmonious." If their defeat is not on the ground of opposition to the Nebraska Bill, then it must be on the ground of opposition to the general course of the Administration! Take the case, gentlemen.

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