Secession Era Editorials Project

Attack on Mr. Sumner.

Boston, Massachusetts, Bee [American]

(23 May 1856)

-- By referring to our telegraphic column it will be seen that Hon. Chas. Sumner, M. C., of this city, was ferociously and brutally assaulted in the National Senate Chamber yesterday, by a cowardly scoundrel named Brooks. An outrage so gross and villianous was never before committed within the walls of the Capitol. It is rendered additionally infamous and barbaric from the fact that fiendish bystanders prevented persons who were disposed from interfering. This bully Brooks who has disgraced the name of man, ought to be branded as a villain of the blackest dye, and then mercilessly kicked from one end of the continent to the other. The black mark of Cain will stand out on his brow to the last moment of his disgraced life.

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