Secession Era Editorials Project

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Boston, Massachusetts, Atlas [Republican]

(3 June 1856)

[Pointing Finger] As usual, when its party has provoked a storm of public indignation by some action particularly scandalous the Post is busy saving the Union, in long columns of balderdash and syllabub patriotism. It tells of the "madness of the hour," but says nothing of the madman of the hour, Preston Brooks, who is the trusty friend of Gen. Pierce, and the accepted guest of Massachusetts office holders. According to the Post, the Union is in great danger, because the Connecticut Legislature doesn't want to hear Mr. Everett's oration, because Gov. Washburn was hissed at Worcester, because an "an Ohio paper" (name not given) says "Men of Ohio, rush to the rescue!" and because Dr. Adams was not re-elected on a committee of the American Tract Society. The Post prints CIVIL WAR in large capitals, and thinks by windy wordy "expectorations of speech," to make the people forget that if this Union be in danger, the Democratic party found it, on coming into power, safe; that if civil war be imminent, the Democratic party has kindled its flames; that if fanaticism has taken a new lease of life, that life was breathed into it by Pierce and Douglas and their fellow conspirators against an ancient compromise! But the Post is out of fashion. Three years ago, its cry of "wolf!" would have startled all Boston, and now all Boston is laughing it to scorn.

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