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Boston, Massachusetts, Atlas [Republican]

(24 May 1856)

[Pointing Finger] The Boston Courier did not see fit to join yesterday morning in the unqualified rebuke which the assault upon Mr. Sumner elicited from almost every Boston newspaper. While it took very good care to condemn Mr. Brooks, it saved its well-known character, of an apologist for the South, by grossly misrepresenting Mr. Sumner's speech; and by hinting as broadly as it dared to, that he had fairly provoked the indignity. It talked in sneering terms, of Mr. Sumner's "insulting speech and broken head." This is the dignified language in which the Courier sees fit to complain of the want of dignity in others. It was very wrong for Mr. Sumner to speak of Mr. Douglas in terms of disrespect -- it is perfectly right, we suppose, for the Courier to accuse Mr. Sumner of "low blackguardism." Did the writer of this precious article learn that pleasant phrase from his favorite Webster? And does he not know, that upon the very occasion to which he alludes, and when Mr. Webster said "I employ no scavengers," he indicated, by a significant glance, if not by a gesture, the "scavenger" to whom he alluded? And does he not remember, that when pressed by a storm of Southern reproach and vituperation, how our great statesman intimated that there might be blows to give as well, as blows to take? But the Courier is very forgetful. It forgets that there is a state called Massachusetts. It forgets that there is a Senate of the United States. It remembers only its personal hatred of Charles Sumner.

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