Secession Era Editorials Project


Indianapolis, Indiana, Locomotive [Democratic]

(29 October 1859)

The papers for the last week have been filled with the proceedings, and accounts of the insurrection at Harper's Ferry, Virginia. The trial of the insurgents is now progressing, at Charleston, Va., and are reported in full by the Telegraph. The last report is that a jury was empannelled, and the preliminary questions being argued before Court. The insurgents have all been arrested -- Captain Cook was arrested in the mountains near Chambersburg, and taken to Virginia on Thursday. Cook is a brother of Mrs. Gov.. Willard -- all her friends, and those of the Governor, sympathize with them in the disgrace brought on them by their relative. The Governor, Joseph E. McDonald, and Hon. D. W. Vorhees have gone on to see that justice is done Cook -- that is all any one could ask for a man engaged in such business, with such associates. Letters have been found, implicating leading Abolitionists in different parts of the North, in furnishing money, and advice, that may lead to their arrest and trial. J. R. Giddings, of Ohio, Gerritt Smith and Fred Douglass, of New York, among others, are supposed to be the principal advisers. Brown had in his possession not less than $10,000 in arms and implements of war, and was well prepared for extensive operations. Of the slaves taken by the insurgents, not one escaped, but they all returned to their masters except one, who was supposed to have been drowned in crossing the Potomac.

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