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Indianapolis, Indiana, Locomotive [Democratic]

(22 October 1859)

[Pointing Finger] A large space of our paper is given up this week to a detailed account of the most daring attempt to organize and set on foot a general insurrection among the negro slaves of the States of Maryland and Virginia that has ever been recorded in the history of this country. This most fiendish plot, of these fanatics -- if successful in Virginia and Maryland -- we have no doubt was intended to be carried throughout the entire Southern States -- having for its object plunder, violations of female chastity, and an indiscriminate slaughter of all who should oppose its fearful march. These enormities, that would inevitably have followed, as certainly as night does day, would have been the results; and ending only with all the horrors of a servile war.

The plea of fanaticism or insanity may be put in for these wretches; but we suspect there was more rascality at the bottom of their schemes, than anything else; and our sympathy for them amounts to just this much, that it is our sincere hope, that every one of the crafty leaders, in this unparalleled wickedness, who have thus wantonly violated the laws of the country, may be hanged as high as Haman, and afterwards meet the fate of Jezebel.

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