Secession Era Editorials Project

Another Greely Forgery.

Springfield, Illinois, Illinois State Register [Democratic]

(13 March 1854)

Since the introduction of a Nebraska bill Greely has been busily engaged in fabricating public opinion against it. These "original Hot Corn stories" are eagerly caught up, by the anti- Nebraska echoes of that sheet, and sown broadcast through the country to raise a "furor" of excitement. A few days since we noted a bogus issue from that abolition mint, that the Alabama legislature had repudiated the bill - a point blank lie. The detection of this falsehood led "white coat" to fly to Indiana for relief, and a story was trumped up that the legislature of that state had resolved against the bill. "Hot Corn" even went so far as to give extracts from the debates on the resolution! Now, it so happens that the Indiana legislature has not been in session since the bill was introduced! Desperate diseases require desperate remedies, and the Greelyites stop at no falsehood, vituperation or personal detraction, however vile or monstrous. The bill is misrepresented, its author heaped with abuse, his motives impugned, and every act which the corruption of faction can bring in play, is exercised. But it is all futile. The principle upon which the Nebraska bill is based has received the sanction of the people of the country, by an overwhelming expression at the polls. The trading capital of free-soil tricksters was used up by the process. Their occupation was gone. Their stock in trade must be renewed, or they retire to that condition of insignificance in affairs political which their demagogeism deserves; hence the present sickly effort at a revival of the halcyon days of '48, when fourth-rate cross-roads and ward demagogues aimed at and attained high positions, only to render more conspicuous their rottenness and corruption. The principle of non-intervention has the sanction of the people of the country. They adhere to it as one of the fundamental safe-guards o free government, and they will maintain and approve it as embodied in the Nebraska-Kansas bill, despite the howlings of free-soil demagogues and their coadjutors, of whatever stripe or hue.

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