Secession Era Editorials Project

"Squatter Sovereignty."

Milledgeville, Georgia, Federal Union [Democratic]

(18 April 1854)

We see a disposition in some quarters of the Democratic party to discuss the question of Squatter Sovereignty as applied to the Nebraska Bill. We see no use in raising the issue at this time. It can do no good, while it may occasion much evil to the Democratic party. Some profess to support the Nebraska Bill because the doctrine of Squatter Sovereignty is embodied in it, others support it because the doctrine is not admitted in the bill. If the bill is a good one and suits all parties, why should we quarrel about a provision which is both admitted and denied --- why peril the bill by an unnecessary dispute as to some supposed admission or denial of a doctrine? We depreciate all discussion at present, as useless and provocative of controversies that can only end in hurt. As for ourselves, we are prepared, whenever the issue arises, to maintain our position, as we have always heretofore; that is against the Squatter Sovereignty doctrine, giving to our Democratic brethren who may differ with us, the right to whatever opinion they prefer on the subject, and the use of our columns for expressing the same.

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