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The Caning of Senator Sumner
19th Century Documents Project
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(Fall 2013)

FYW: The Battle Autumn of 1862 (Fall 2015)

HST-121: North America to 1877 (Fall 2015)
HST-321: History of Urban and Suburban America (Fall 2015)

(Older courses)
HST-475 Senior Seminar (Fall 2013)
FYW: Civil War through the Lens of Biography (Spring 2012)
HST-475: Senior Seminar: The People of Charleston and the Urban South (Fall 2011)
FYW: Assassination of Lincoln (Spring 2010)
HST-223: America, 1820-1890 (Spring 2010)
HST-475: War, Peace, and Political Communication in some Nineteenth Century Communities (Spring 2010)(pw required)

HST-121: History of North America to 1877 (2009) (pw required)
HST-224: American Civil War Era (Fall 2009)
HST-21: Issues in American History (Fall 2007)
HST 41: America 1820-1890 (Fall 2007)
HST-49: American Civil War Era (Spring 2007)
HST-75: Confederate and Italian Nationalism (Fall 2006)
HST-75: 19th Century American Communities, North and South (Fall 2001)
HST-75: Words and Boundaries in a Secessionist Age (Spring 1999)
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